Wetlands and River Restoration

NWWSR acts to enrich wetlands and river restoration by enhancing water quality and natural habitats using innovative and optimal construction renovation. NWR is recognized for its excellence, fast-moving pace and precise construction. We especially take pride in the professional collaboration with organizations and firms to meet the diverse needs of our clients. They have extensive experience in watershed solutions and are known for performance optimization and troubleshooting. NWR has conducted hundreds of wetland and river restoration projects since 1991.

Wetland Project Experience 

River Restoration

Stream Channels

Native Plantings

Storm Water Retention Ponds

Erosion Control

NWR specializes in current erosion control techniques to provide earth stability through seeding, plantings, silt fence and various other BMPs. Slopes stabilization is necessary to solve surface erosion and subsurface problems. NWR applies erosion control for disturbed grounds. They stabilize slopes through rooted plants, seeding and erosion. Plants are natural protectors, whose roots bind soils underground and whose foliage covers the soil above ground. Seeding is a technique of sowing seed on small scale or large scale environments for direct coverage to provide soil retention ability. Silt Fence prevents the problem of sediment and runoff from leaving the project site.

NWR is a local contractor with extensive knowledge tapping into the most valuable resources for solving erosion control issues on residential homes and commercial sites with. The best planting design solutions include a diversity of methods to ensure successful erosion control establishment. Biodegradable products, such as jute mesh, coir log, coconut products, and burlap are proven materials to help stabilize the earth as well.

Pipelines and Rows

NWR has conducted agency compliance on right-of- way sites ranging from less than an acre to hundreds of acres and from residential and commercial development to infrastructure and utility projects. They have extensive experience in utility corridors and pipelines, specializing in remote and hard to access locations. Pipeline and ROW project experience includes clearing and re-vegetation.


NWR provides large and small scale maintenance services for the commercial industry. Their weekly appearances include yard cleanup, yard maintenance, lawn mowing, trimming, fertilizing, as well as new installation to repair areas of plants, bark-dust, rock, and lawn seed. 26 years of experience includes a well establish list of satisfied customers.